Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plaid and Converse

I love the vibe of this look, and the layering is perfect for the change from summer to fall temperatures.  In the last year, I have taken a liking to converse over regular tennis shoes for my casual days.  That change makes the outfit feel much more put together for some reason.

Here is the link to the look on Polyvore.  The tank and button down are reasonable, but the vest, jeans and Converse ($80??) are more than a bit much for my taste.
Here is my (wrinkled) version of the outfit.  I promise that I do own an iron...and I even use it before I leave the house!

The button down is from Papaya.  It was around $18 (gasp!).  That is a lot for my normal budget, but I have more than gotten my money out of it.  The fabric is light and perfect for in-between weather days.  The tank top is $7 from Target.  My Converse ($20 from are a dark gray, so I went with gray instead of navy blue.  The jeans are one of my $5 pair from Goodwill.  I keep forgetting to mention, the two pair of jeans I have most recently from Goodwill are American Eagle and Michael Kors...yes, that Michael Kors!

Oh, and I am keeping my eyes peeled for a reasonable puffer vest.  So cute!!

Even with my *expensive* button down, this outfit is only $50 : )

Of course, I always put my outfits together with lia sophia jewelry.  When I am wearing casual clothes, I still like some bling without getting too crazy.

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