Friday, September 21, 2012

Olive Green and Dark Jeans

I was drawn to this look on Pinterest because I knew I could recreate it in my own way with pieces I have on hand.  However, it should be noted that skinny jeans (or jeggings) are not my friend.  This is because I am a real live woman with curves, or saddlebags if you will, and also because I can't stand tight things.  I do have one pair that I wear for about an hour before I want to rip them from my body.  The other thing I love about this look, that you will probably never find me in, are the tall boots.  I am petite and have a lot of muscle (to go with those curves), but most of it seems to reside in my calves.  When you have a size 6 shoe, the top of the tall boots is smaller as well.  And, yes, I know they make boots for wide calves.  I actually used to sell them at Meier & Frank, and never did come across a pair that fit me...let alone with pants tucked into them.  I can still dream though!

Here is my version for ladies who don't like skinny jeans and can't wear tall boots : )

My olive green sweater was not the greatest deal I've ever bought, but I'll blame that on pregnancy brain.  I bought two sweaters from Spiegel online.  The criteria was: 1) cotton 2) fall colors 3) open for my preggo belly.  You see, I bought this when I was pregnant with Gabriel.  Sometimes pregnancy brain makes you do strange things...for me I spent $30 on this sweater (and another one).  That may not be a lot for some people, but it is about double what I'd usually be willing to pay.  Happily, I was smart enough to buy something that would be useful even after I had him...and nearly three years later I still love these cocoon style sweaters in fall!

The tank top is my favorite layering tank from Target, $7 on sale.  The jeans are my "long and lean" looking jeans from Target for $23 and the boots were bought 8 years ago for $100 at the Nine West Outlet and still going strong.  I think it is important, especially when you are petite, to wear a longer/leaner look on bottom with a bulky top.  This is my answer to not wearing skinny jeans and tall boots.

This look is a bit more than my norm due to the boots and sweater, but still only $160.

To add interest to this basic look I started with a mixed metal necklace and gold accents,
all available at my lia sophia web site.

It is hard to tell, but these are a beautiful green stone! (Check out the link below.)

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