Monday, August 27, 2012

The Work Clothes "Schedule"

To put together my work outfit "schedule", as it could be called, I looked at the type of look and tried to vary it.  This includes managing the pants, shoes, colors, and style (scarf, button down, cardigan) so that I wasn't feeling like I looked like a carbon copy everyday.

I love to get creative with my clothes and jewelry, to an extent, but I know what is and isn't going to fly in a more conservative office environment.  When you start a new job, you need to take into account how your co-workers and boss, are dressing.  I don't think you should assimilate your wardrobe entirely, but you do need to keep in mind what "the norm" tends to be.

While you're figuring that out, you may want to start on the side of caution.

For my first day outfit (below), I picked a very neutral look.  The black cowl neck, short sleeve, sweater is flattering, but basic ($7, TJ Maxx).  Matched with some black and white patterned dress pants, that I hemmed to work with flats ($4, Goodwill).  A shot of color is brought in with the dark red flat shoes, which are also comfortable while I figure out how much walking I may be doing ($30,

For day two, I have another basic office look.  White button down shirt ($4, Goodwill).  Dark gray dress pants ($4, Goodwill).  Black patent pumps ($13, Target).  Plus a shot of color with my green scarf ($5,  The black shoes are fine for short walks, but if I find they are unbearable, I have a plan to hem the pants and find some shorter black heels.

Day three is another basic with a twist.  Side tie, collared, top in orange/red ($10, Express).  Matching tank top ($6, The Limited).  Both of these I have had for about 8 years!  Black pants (TJ Maxx, $10).  Leopard print kitten heels ($15, TJ Maxx).  The fun part is definitely the shoes : )

Day four includes a color change up. Peach tank top ($3, Target).  White cardigan ($12, Kohls).  Khaki pants ($4, Goodwill).  Natural, kitten heel shoes ($22,

We made it to the end of the week!  Taupe boat neck, 3/4 length sleeve shirt ($6, Old Navy).  Abstract flower print scarf ($7, Fashion Bug).  Bluish dress pants ($4, Goodwill).  Natural, kitten heel shoe ($22,

As I mentioned previously, all of my jewelry that I will eventually put with these outfits is from lia sophia.  They have styles from classic, to casual, to contemporary.  I like to pick out my jewelry to suit my mood the day I am wearing my outfit.

Also, in case you haven't read my blog before, you may be able to ascertain that I am a bargain shopper.  I LOVE the challenge of Goodwill.  It is like a treasure hunt, and is a great place for button down shirts, dress pants, and blazers.  I also rarely get out of the clearance sections of any other store I go in.  Plus, I tend to find the best shoe deals online at 6 with free shipping and returns.  Yes, this type of shopping is an exercise in patience, but the payoff is worth it!


  1. Oh, these are fabulous!! I'm jealous of your ability to put fantastic outfits together...cheaply!

    1. You are too sweet : ) My hope is to inspire other ladies that we can all look fabulous on a budget...if we just know what to look for!