Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fun Prints For Work or Play!

Even in winter...especially in winter...I like to wear color and fun prints.  Here's an example of a beautiful printed shirt in shades of purple (one of the colors of royalty!).  I live in Colorado, so we are fortunate to have many sunny days all through winter, but if it is looking drab outside I always choose to wear something like this to feel light and spring-like.  This look could easily be made more casual with jeans and some gray Converse (or purple, which I also have).

Layering Tank in Dark Purple - Target ($4.50 on clearance)
Light Gray Pants, Ann Taylor Loft - Goodwill ($5)
Printed Shirt, New With Tags from New York and Company - ARC Thrift Store ($6)
Gray Fabric Pumps - Payless ($15 after coupon)

Total of $30.50 for this look!!

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