Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Khaki and Cranberry

It appears that I've been on a navy blue kick lately, so let's shake it up a bit with some different colors!  This is yet another combination that I just wouldn't have come up with on my own.  Thank you Pinterest and Polyvore for your push to try new things!

I am going not going to go through the cost of the outfit on Polyvore, because we all know that it is usually so astronomically out of my price range (and probably yours, as well).  If you want to see the details of the outfit that inspired me, you can click here.
Here is what I came up with using the color scheme and what I had in my wardrobe.

The jacket is a few years old.  I bought it from a store called Mandee.  Has anyone ever seen this brick and mortar store?  I never have, but at one time they had an online shopping presence.  They were running an amazing special and I got this short sleeve jacket for $10.  It is dressy and casual all at the same time, which means it is versatile and I LOVE it!  The cranberry colored tank top is one of my favorite layering tank tops from Target.  They are the Mossimo Long and Lean (so they aren't ribbed).  I scored 4 new colors this week on clearance for half off, making this one only $4.50.  Yes, I did the happy dance!  The jeans are what I call my "tall jeans", which means they have a 28 inch inseam and I have to wear my 3 inch heeled boots with them.  Yes, I have a 25 inch inseam, but these jeans make me look much taller and, thereby, leaner (hence the name).  They were $23 at Target.  Pricier than my Goodwill finds, but still a great deal on jeans!  The boots are Nine West and I purchased them 8 years ago from a Nine West Outlet store for $100.  I have gotten a lot of use out of them, so I can justify the high price to myself.  I bought a black pair at the same time that I really need to replace, but I just haven't found the right pair at the right price yet.  Let's hope that happens before the heel detaches!

So this outfit is a bit pricier, due to the boots and jeans, but at $137.50, I have a feeling it is still a steal compared to the original inspiration.

With the cranberry and khaki colors, I think gold jewelry is best.  Here is what I would wear from my lia sophia jewelry collection.

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