Friday, September 14, 2012

Mint and White

  I know it seems a little more winter or early spring, but I say wear things when the mood strikes!  I have a closet full of fun colors for this very reason.  When I see something that is a great deal, I do a mental inventory of what other colors I have in my closet.  The reason is twofold: 
1) I like buying new colors I don't have to shake it up a bit. 
2) I am thinking of what fun color combinations I have seen on Pinterest that
I want to recreate in real life on the cheap.

Here is the link to the look on Polyvore.  All I had to do was see that the sweater was $295.  Ummm, I have a perfectly beautiful mint sweater that cost $289 less than that.

And my look:

I bought my mint sweater because of reason #1 above.  I didn't have anything like it in my closet.  In fact, I tend to wear bright colors, so this feels a little more quiet and peaceful to me.  Plus it was on clearance at Kohl's for $11...and is 100% cotton.  Sold!  I actually bought it with another beautiful sweater that was $13, and used a $10 off final cost was more like $6.  Even better than that, the cute tank underneath it was free from a good girlfriend who was tired of it.  The tank has an adorable sparkly neckline that doesn't show up well in this photo.  The jeans are $5 from Goodwill (Michael Kors, y'all!) and the shoes are $30 from  They are Dr. Scholl's and soooooo comfy.

All this cuteness for just $41.  Can't beat that!

Here's the jewelry I would pair with it, from lia sophia:

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