Sunday, September 16, 2012

Work Clothes Schedule - Week 2

Those of you that have been following my Pinsperation blog, know that I had a big project last month.  I was actively interviewing for jobs, praying that a great opportunity would present itself (it did!), and preparing for the craziness of adjusting our schedule.  A big part of that is that I didn't want the morning time suck of trying to figure out what to wear...or the feeling that there was nothing in my closet (not true!).  From that was born my Work Clothes Schedule, or Three Months of Clothes! found in this post and this post.  I broke down what I would wear the first week here, and that is exactly what I wore last week.  It all worked out beautifully!  Now we are coming up on Week 2's outfits, and here is the breakdown:

Green cardigan ($5, Old navy). 
Black and white striped shirt ($9, The Limited). 
Black dress pants ($4, Goodwill). 
Black patent heels ($13, Target).

Red ardigan ($5, Target).
Black and white striped shirt ($9, TJ Maxx). 
Black and white patterned pants ($4, Goodwill). 
Red shoes ($30,

Purple shirt ($6, Old Navy). 
Scarf ($16, Windsor). 
Dark gray pants ($4, Goodwill). 
Black patent pumps ($13, Target).

Black cowl neck sweater ($7, TJ Maxx). 
Black and red skirt ($4, Goodwill). 
Black patent pumps ($13, Target).

White boat neck t-shirt ($6, Old Navy). 
Coral scarf ($5, 
Khaki pants ($4, Goodwill). 
Kitten heel pumps ($22,

I pick out the jewelry the morning of work, depending on my mood.  Because I am at the computer a lot, I've been wearing less bracelets and more statement rings at work...and stacked bracelets after work and on the weekends.  Does anyone else find this pattern to be true?
All of my jewelry can be found at!

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