Sunday, December 30, 2012

Red and Brown

It's almost a new year, and I finally am able to pin a new outfit!  If you've read any of my past posts, I am all about using Pinterest to find budget friendly ways to update my look.  Sometimes this means keeping an eye out for a new style piece, sometimes it is looking for a piece in a new color, and sometimes it is about putting together things in my closet that I would not have thought of before. 
The look below, found here on Polyvore makes me really want to run out and buy each piece, but that just is not reasonable for our family budget.  It also inspired me to thing about red differently.  I've always paired red with black, but it looks beautiful here casually with brown.  I did some digging through my closet and put together my own Red and Brown look!

Here's what I came up with...and without buying anything new!  The piece that helps me pull the look together are my brown boots.  As a petite girl with muscular calves, I have been searching for tall boots for about a decade to no avail.  Until this fall!  They are the women's Zoey Riding Boot in the wide width.  They are comfortable to walk in, fit great and are on sale for only $40 right now!  I may just have to snag a back up pair or a pair in black : )  The sweater was a gift from my husband for Christmas two or three years ago.  It is from the Limited, so I am sure that I would never have bought it for myself at full price, but that is why receiving gifts are so great!  The skinny jeans (jeggings, really) were found on clearance at TJ Maxx last fall for only $7.

To me, red and brown call for gold jewelry.  Here's what I picked out. 

Natural Charm Necklace: This necklace can be worn short or long!

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