Sunday, January 6, 2013

Citron and Teal

I fell in love with this bright, cheery color combination...found here on Polyvore.  However, I already have a purple pea coat, and just don't feel like I could make enough outfits with such bold heels, so I dug through my own goodies and put together an outfit using the color pallet (and even hematite jewelry). 

Here's what I managed to find.  Alexander (my 5 year old) thinks my citron cardigan is funny because he says it is "too small".  I actually plan on wearing this look tomorrow with black pants instead of jeans.  Let's break it down.  The citron cardigan is an Old Navy clearance rack find.  Actually, is was a surprise find.  Our local Old Navy was running a special where when you could buy a mystery bag for $20 and it would have 5 pieces of clothing in it in your size.  It was "gambling" for crazy shoppers like myself and I couldn't resist.  So this sweater was $4!  The tank top is from the clearance rack at TJ Maxx for $5.  It is just like my favorite long and lean tank tops from Target, and is by Cynthia Rowley.  The jeans are also from Target, bought at full price for $23.  They fit like a dream, and people are surprised to find out they are Mossimo.  The black patent heels are from the Target clearance rack for $13.
That's $45 for the entire outfit from cardigan to pumps! 

The necklace is retired from the current lia sophia collection, but I see some gorgeous similar pieces in our new catalog launching in February!

Damask Earrings (so light, it's like not wearing anything!)

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