Monday, August 13, 2012

Basics with Green

I'm a firm believer that you can add punch to black and white with any color and take a look from basic to fun.  Who hates that?  So, I gravitate towards these styles for days that I don't feel too creative in the wardrobe department. This look from Pinterest via Polyvore is $540 without the $175 stud earrings.

This look is by Jen (me!) for far less.

With this outfit, I have heels instead of flats making it a bit more dressy.  I have to wear the heels with these trouser jeans...or hem a good 3 inches. 

The black cardigan is another TJ Maxx find.  It was only $15 and has lasted years without fading (hard to do with black!) or shrinking.  You just never know how long a piece will really hold up,
which is why I look for deals.   I would be sick to pay $30 for a cardigan that looks old after one season.

The tank top is my $7, on sale, Mossimo at Target staple.

The trouser jeans were another Goodwill find for $5. 

The black patent heels, also found in this post, were a Target clearance find for $13.

The scarf is one of my more exciting bargains.  Sometimes you find deals on clothes in the most unexpected places.  Like stores that normally are known for furniture and accessories.  This scarf is part of a set from Wisteria.  I saw them featured a couple years ago in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  They are 5 for $29, which is already a great start, but I got them on sale for $25 with free shipping just before Christmas time.  There are three different color themes to pick from and they make great gifts.  So this scarf was $5! 

Finally, the purse has been my "fall purse" for a couple of years.  It is from TJ Maxx and I originally bought it because it has a lot of big, yet easy to access, compartments.  This made it possible to ditch the diaper bag look I had been sporting.  It was $25 and something I get complimented on all the time.  I can't lie, getting compliments makes my day!

My version is $65 from shoes to purse.

Here's the jewelry I would pair with this outfit.

The top bracelet is part of the Multiplicity set.  There is every type of metal color in this set, and they are stretchy and strong.  As a bonus use, I put them in my hair as a prettier version of the black ponytail tie.

The middle bracelet is one of my favorites for fall with the hematite and silver mix.  Unfortunately, it is no longer for sale.

The bottom bracelet is Interlink, and I love the little bit of edginess it adds.

As far as earrings, I pulled a couple.  The Pristine studs are great for any outfit, especially if I was going more casual with flats and regular jeans.  They look like the real deal and are only $32!

The dressier earrings are really cute to pair with a scarf, especially if I'm not wearing a necklace because they add a bit of drama to the more casual basics of the outfit.  These are the Crystal Clear Earrings and will add va va voom to your look.

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