Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coral and Gray with Turquoise Accents

This look is cozy and a perfect example of how you can still be comfortable and put-together.

Find it here on Polyvore.  It is $366 minus the Starbucks and the jewelry. 
The jeans and t-shirt are actually great bargains!

Here's my version.  I substituted the natural flats and purse for gold because that's what I have!

The coral cardigan is from the clearance section of a Banana Republic Factory store.  I found it for only $6 about two years ago, and I wear it all the time!  One of the things I haven't touched on yet is how picky I am about fabric.  I can't stands things that make me itch at all, so I have just learned over time that I need to stick with cotton.  So, not only do I have the challenge of buying things that are great deals, but my cardigans and sweaters are all 100% cotton or cotton with some spandex.

The gray tank top is by Mossimo at target on sale for $7.  I also layer with sleeveless tops more than anything because I don't like sleeves bunching up.  Picky, picky!

The jeans are a Goodwill find for $5.  I just rolled them up a couple times to make them capris for this look.

The purse was a Kohl's clearance find.  It was $18 and is an easy bag to grab whenever I'm wearing gold jewelry because it will always match!

The shoes were on sale for $30 at 6pm.com.  They are also gold and super comfortable, but still dressy!

$66 for my look, means $300 to spend on other things...like a car payment : )

Of course, I have the jewelry on hand in my lia sophia collection.  Love the turquoise with gold and how it pops against the coral sweater.

Bracelet is no longer available for sale, but check out the
Swiss Dots Bracelet as another option.

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