Monday, August 20, 2012

That Ring!

I must admit that I was positively giddy when I saw this outfit on Pinterest.  It already features one of my favorite lia sophia rings!  Click here to see the look details on Polyvore, or click on the picture below for a bigger view.  It is $425 without the jewelry and purse. 

In my version, I switched out the ruffled tank for a ruffled button up shirt with a tie belt.

Let's start with the beautifully soft scarf.  Mine was only $5 with a set from Wisteria.  The one featured on the Polyvore outfit is $150.  I think I just threw up a little bit thinking of spending $150 on a scarf, no matter how super cute it is.

The button up was a $4 find at Goodwill.  I almost left it because the previous owner was definitely a smoker, but it fit perfectly and the black was like new (not faded at all), so I took a chance and the smoke smell came out in the first washing.

The tank top was $7 on sale at Target.  If you have followed my past posts, you are probably sick of hearing about these tanks, but I promise, they are fantastic!

The jeans were another Goodwill bargain at $5.  Already soft and shrunken : ) 

The shoes were $30 on sale from  My favorite site for clearance shoes.  They are actually Hush Puppies!  Cozy.

$51 vs. $425...I just don't understand who is buying the $150 scarves y'all?!?

The jewelry, of course, is from lia sophia.  Be sure to click on the links to the web site because my pictures just can't do these pieces justice.

Blooming Ring (they changed the name in our most recent Style Guide)

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