Friday, August 17, 2012

Jean Jacket and White Capri Pants

I love this casual look of a jean jacket with white capris.  I also am a fan of stripes!
Here is the original look from Polyvore.
$225, not included the purse or jewelry.  What a steal ; )

Here is my version.  I don't always feel the need to feature a matching purse with each outfit, because I often carry the bag that happens to already have all of my stuff in it. 

I can appreciate black and white, but I am usually drawn to more colorful clothes.  I can't wear a full mustard color top, but I did find a good balance in this tank top from Old Navy.  The mustard and off white stripes paired with the jean top don't make me look too sickly with my olive skin.  Oh, and it was $3 on clearance : )

The jean jacket was what I consider a splurge.  $26 at Forever 21.  It was also featured in my first Pinsperation.  Forever 21 is one of those stores that can take me an eternity to pick through, and I may find one or two things that fit my style, but they are usually worth the inexpensive price!

The capris were from the clearance rack at target a couple of years ago, and only $8.

The shoes were also an $8 find from Delia's online.  They are the perfect flip flop because the straps are three different metallic colors and you can wear them with gold, silver, copper, or bronze jewelry.  Love that!

 The clothes and shoes for my Pinsperation were only $45, and pieces that are flexible with so many other outfits!

I love this necklace from lia sophia, but unfortunately it is no longer available for purchase : (
For some other options that are available, check out:

My picture doesn't do the Abloom Ring justice.  It seems the focus was off.

When dressed casually and pulling my hair back, I love these larger (but still light!)

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