Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome to my first Pinsperation!  Here is an example of how Pinterest is making me more adventurous.  This look was put together on Polyvore by a contributor called kittywitty (and the cutsie name did not deter me for once).  I'm hoping you can click on the image and increase the size, but if not, this look goes for $285! Click here to link to the actual set on Polyvore.
Every piece is under $100, so it would be considered a bargain by most women's magazines, but not by moi. 

Let's look at what I pulled together.

Bargain shopping is all about patience and knowing what key pieces you would like to add to your wardrobe.  I have a threshold of what I am willing to spend on certain items, based on my research of what they tend to cost at retail and on sale.  I hardly ever shop away from the sale and clearance racks.  However, a cute jean jacket has been on my list for a couple of years...patience, people!  I really was hoping to score one for under $20, but this one was just what I had been looking for and just over it at $26 from Forever 21.  It was not on sale, but it was the last one, and after 2 years I gave myself a break.

The white tank top was on sale for $7 at target.  I love their basic tanks for layering.  The quality seems to hold up to wear and washing better than Old Navy and I prefer the non-ribbed, smooth cotton.

The skirt was a find from awhile ago at Goodwill.  I don't normally wear pink, but this piece fit perfectly and was only $4.  It is fun to try something that is not your usual style, especially for under five bucks!  Oh, and it is GAP.

The shoes were another exercise in patience.  I found them at TJ Maxx and they fit like a glove.  This was in early spring.  However, I just couldn't do the $39.95 price tag...not even for Bandolino's.  I watched, and waited.  The thrill of the hunt.  I finally snagged them at the crazy clearance price of $5 at the very end of summer!  This is when TJ Maxx gets serious and forgoes the red stickers for the yellow ones...they mean business at that point.

The purse was another steal from  See, they aren't just shoes as Shoedazzle!  They had a two for one sale that I've only seen once a year.  Normally, each piece is $39.95, but I was able to get two cute purses for $20 each.  That is my kind of price for a purse.  No, it is not a Coach...and I frankly don't care because it is probably going to end up being written on by a two year old or enduring a hand sanitizer spill.

So, we are at $62 for the clothes versus $250.  Not bad.  Let's jump into the jewelry.

Multiplicity Bracelets with Honey Lust Bracelet and the Overlay Bracelet (retired) 

Here's how I get my jewelry bargains...I've been a lia sophia Advisor for 5 years.  One reason I love it?  I get 70% off all of my jewelry and earn free jewelry too.  I spent $67.50 on all of the jewelry shown here...and get to write it off on my taxes as a business expense because they are my samples.  This may seem like a lia sophia informercial, but it's not.  I'm just giving you a heads-up that all of my jewelry is lia sophia, and why that is.

One of the reasons I picked lia sophia over other jewelry companies is because they offer a sale every month for their customers (and the best hostess benefits too!).  Right now, when you buy two items and regular price, you can get up to four more for 50% OFF!  Plus, the half price items are always the most expensive pieces you are purchasing.  As a woman who loves a bargain, I am giddy to hear this.  And every piece has a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

My entire outfit, with jewelry cost $129...not even half of what the picture on Pinterest would actually cost. 

My goal here is not to brag (too much, but I love seeing what perseverance can do), but more to give you a little inspiration as to how you can achieve a Pinterest-worthy look on reasonable budget.

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