Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The One with the Scarf

This is how my mind works.  I saw the scarf in this picture, paired up with that beautiful cardigan and decided I needed to dig out a similar scarf in my wardrobe and put it to use.  However, I am going to be going back to work in an office environment soon, so I went for a dressier version.

Here is the link on Polyvore, which shows you the individual pieces and then links you to where you can buy cool is that?!?  Of course, I rarely can afford the pieces featured, and if I can they are sold out online.  Then I have to try and find them in the store, and with two toddlers,
I don't make it out that often without them.

This outfit (minus the purse and watch) is $358.

I love the colors in the scarf above, and I should, it is $148 from Kate Spade!  The most expensive piece of the outfit.  I also love the color of the cardigan, especially for fall.  I *may* be able to get away with it if I have a colorful scarf up by my olive-skinned face. 

The scarf in my ensemble is from Fashion Bug.  There was a two-for-one deal and my mom actually bought it for me, so it was a gift.  You can see where I get my bargain hunting from.  She bought me both scarves, with something she was getting because she had to have $25 to use a coupon for an additional $5 (I belive it was).  So the scarf was probably around $6 or $7.

I picked a cardigan out of my closet that is much more along the colors that flatter me.  I know, it makes sense that what I actually have in my closet should flatter me!  This cardigan was a purchase from an Ann Taylor Loft store clearance rack for $10.  I love outlet mall shopping.  Probably because I don't get to do it often.  However, just because I'm at an outlet mall, doesn't mean I get all crazy.  I still have my price standards, and often what they think is a good deal is still way above my budget!

The tank top is from (say it with me, now) Target for $7.

The dress pants were $4 from Goodwill.  They appear gray in this picture, but they are actually grayish blue with some texture, so there is more interest than basic gray pants.  Also, they are wrinkled.  This is because I squeeze my Pinsperation blog into a lot of other aspects of my life and don't have the time or energy to iron for the pictures.  I save that for the day I'm wearing them.

The shoes were an online DSW clearance selection for $22.  They are a natural colored low heel.  My search for a natural colored high heel continues because I'm so darn picky on color and price.  It has been going on for a couple years now.  I buy online from stores that are easy to return to in person so I'm not paying shipping.  On top of that I scour for deals where I don't have to pay shipping in the first place!

My work appropriate version of this outfit is only $50!

The earrings I paired with it are from lia sophia.  They are basic hoops, with just enough sparkle to make them dressy.  I didn't get a close up of the bracelet, but it is no longer available for sale, so I won't torture you with it's gorgeousness : )

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