Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekend Wear: Olive, Dark Skinny Jeans, and Brown Boots

I put together my new 3 Months of Clothes Schedule, but that really is my work/professional wardrobe. It's great to have those outfits set up and ready to go, but I love being able to NOT have my non-work clothes planned out because then I can put together whatever strikes my fancy. Today, it was the color olive and my tall brown boots. I have had the sweater since I was pregnant with Gabriel...and I spent a lot more than I usually would put towards a sweater. It used to be matched with a white tank top. That is until my favorite tank top came out in a perfectly matching olive color this past fall. I have also had the jeans for many years, but just found tall boots that fit over my muscular calves last year. Cozy and classy. The jewelry is all lia sophia, and no longer available, but these styles can easily be found at a variety of stores. Today, I went with a wavy textured look to my usually very straight hair.

Sweater - $30 (6 years old, Spiegel) 
Tank Top - $7 (Target)
Skinny Jeans - $7 (TJ Maxx sale, 5 years old)
Boots - $35 (Payless sale, 2013)

Here is another version of the outfit from before I had my tall brown boots. You can see that today's outfit was closer to my original Pinsperation.

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