Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Year, New Clothes Schedule!

As a professional, I have to be conscious of what I wear and make sure that my clients realize that I am intelligent, capable, and ready to work hard on their behalf. This can be challenging when you are quite petite and people openly tell you how "cute" you are. All. The. Time. That was fine when I was in high school and college, but my goal is not to be cute. It is to be well respected. And, yes, well dressed too.

My previous "3 Months of Clothes" post is badly in need of an overhaul if you are someone who is taking on a role of larger responsibility. Dress for the job, right? My job when I started this blog was more administrative in function and my work clothes show that, but as a Realtor, I have an important role in assisting people making important decisions on what is most likely their largest asset, whether it is buying or selling a home. So, for my fellow professional petite women, I am going to start updating my blog with new outfits. Don't worry, I still enjoy having fun with my clothes, and a good bargain.

Here are some outfits still in the rotation. Click on the photos to be taken to their blog posts! I am adding more blazers vs. cardigans to my original Work Clothes "Schedule."

 The One with the Yellow Skirt     Go Red for Women Dark Coral and Teal

 Ahoy! Red and Mint

 Fun Prints

When looking at Pinterest posts and blogs, I always wonder what my body type is compared to the person posting. It is key to dress for your body type and adapt the outfits you see accordingly. So, for the record, I am 4'10" and usually around 118 pounds. I have a more athletic build and a curvier rear end. I like to take pictures of the clothes off of my body most of the time so that you can really get more of an idea of the outfit and not how I look in it, but moving forward, I may do both so you have something to compare to if you are my size and shape (or not!)

One of my favorite fashion bloggers to follow is Yasi over at Hello, Gorgeous! so you will probably notice that many of my newer outfits are modeled  after her impeccable style. Sometimes she is a bit more daring than I am, and her body type seems to be less "voluptuous in the rear," but it just goes to show that you can find and inspiration and make it your own. For example, cap sleeves and skinny pants typically aren't going to flatter my body type. Remember to be authentic to yourself so that you have confidence in what you are wearing!

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